Helping Catholics Make

a Lasting Difference.

Message from the Archbishop

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia and its ministry of assisting Catholics in making a lasting difference in our archdiocese. The Catholic Foundation plays a vital role in meeting the current and long-term financial needs of our Catholic community. I am proud to be a member of its board, and I believe in the mission.

The Catholic Foundation was created in 1992 to support Catholic organizations and parishioners through endowments, gift planning and grant making. The dedicated Board of Directors and staff of the Foundation are committed to helping Catholics create an enduring legacy to support the parishes, Catholic schools, and ministries they care about long into the future.

As a community foundation for Catholics, the Catholic Foundation works with parishioners of all income levels who wish to give back to God from the blessings He has bestowed on them. Their gifts to endowment funds and donor advised funds have enabled the Catholic Foundation to provide millions of dollars in grant awards for parishes, Catholic schools, and nonprofits which help people in need.

We know that the stewardship of one faithful disciple can impact the lives of many. We also know that everything—our lives, talents, resources—are gifts from God. Many of us can identify with the sentiment expressed in Psalm 116:12 “How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?” I am grateful that the Catholic Foundation is here to help us answer that question.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Wilton D. Gregory
Archbishop of Atlanta