Empowering Families to Navigate the Adoption Process

St. Joseph Adoption Support Fund


Cindy met her husband Darrin in chemistry class in their freshman year of college, and from there, the rest is history. Years later when they moved to Georgia, they were ready to have children. The couple came to find out, though, that they battled with infertility.


They were able to conceive in 1996, but their baby girl was born and sadly passed away on the same day; her kidneys didn’t fully develop. It was then that Cindy and Darrin began to look into adoption. Over time, they welcomed four more daughters into their family, two of whom were adopted. They also went through two failed adoptions.


The adoption process is very emotional, Cindy said, not to mention expensive. “We struggled to afford the adoptions, even resorting to using credit cards to fund the expenses. We were fortunate to have a supportive family and jobs that provided solid and consistent financial support,” she shared.


Cindy and Darrin knew others with the same fertility issues weren’t so fortunate. “Many chose to not pursue adoptions as the cost and uncertainty and time delays seemed insurmountable,” Cindy said. Others chose to adopt but took on heavy financial burdens.


Understanding how difficult the adoption process can be, the Millsaps wanted to make a difference and help adoptive families as they were once helped. With some money Cindy acquired from selling her company in 2022, they created the St. Joseph Adoption Support Fund.


The St. Joseph Adoption Support Fund aims “to alleviate the financial burdens associated with adoption, empowering families to navigate the adoption process with confidence and ease, ultimately facilitating the creation of strong, nurturing family bonds,” Cindy said.


Cindy and Darrin partnered with the Catholic Foundation because “it was important to us to provide support to families that would bring their children up in the Catholic faith,” Cindy said.


The St. Joseph Adoption Support Fund allows adoptive families to focus more on loving a child than stressing about the expenses. Grants from the fund will go to Covenant Care Adoptions and Lifeline Children’s Services in Georgia, two Christian adoption agencies in the greater Atlanta area. People who share the Millsaps’ passion for adoption can donate to this endowment fund as well, so it can keep growing and offering financial aid for families for years to come.


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