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Foundation Fact Sheets

Catholic Foundation Overview as of June 30, 2021 – English
Catholic Foundation Overview as of June 30, 2021 – Spanish


Planned Giving Briefs and Brochures

Parish Endowment Brochure – Customizable for In-House Printing

Endowments at a Glance for Parishes
Endowment Sunday Toolkit
Legacy Liaison Overview
Tools for Growing Your Endowment


Planned Giving Website Resources


Many donors may not know what an endowment fund is and how it benefits your parish. We have suggested wording that can be included on your website to help explain how an endowment fund works.


Please click on the name of the graphic you wish to download.  These graphics can be included on your stewardship or “give now” page to educate your parishioners on your endowment fund and planned giving.



Bulletin Notes: December 2021 – English 

Bulletin Notes: December/Diciembre 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: November 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: November/Noviembre 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: October 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: October/Octubre 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: September 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: September/Septiembre 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: August 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: August/Agosto 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: July 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: July/Julio 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: June 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: June/Junio 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: May 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: May/Mayo 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: April 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: April/Abril 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: March 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: March/Marzo 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: February 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: February/Febrero 2021 – Spanish/Español

Bulletin Notes: January 2021 – English

Bulletin Notes: January/Enero 2021 – Spanish/Español


Archived Bulletin Notes – 2020, 2019


Bulletin Notes – Graphics

Please click on the name of the graphic you wish to download.  These graphics are “business card” size and are an easy way to communicate planned giving in your weekly bulletin.

Bulletin Notes for Upcoming Events – coming soon!

Bulletin Notes for Gifts in Your Will