Why We Give: Leaving a Legacy

John and Jenni Weldin


Our journey to support the Pregnancy Aid Clinic started with a desire to leave a legacy rather than only provide short-term support.


We decided to create an endowment through the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia in order to leave a legacy that would provide support in perpetuity to an organization that is important to both of us. While many focus on creating generational wealth for their family, our priority is generational philanthropy.


We are not extremely wealthy people, but as Catholics we strive to be good stewards of our blessings. We saved over a couple of years to start the endowment. During that time, we discussed what organization we wanted the endowment to benefit.


We married later in life, and while we remain open to life, we know that it is unlikely we will have any more biological children. We wanted the void of a biological legacy to be filled with this endowment. That plus our ardent support for life led us to the Pregnancy Aid Clinic. We know that the money we contribute each month will ultimately help make a difference in the lives of more children and families than we can begin to imagine.


The John and Jenni Weldin Endowment Fund supports the general purpose of Pregnancy Aid Clinic (PAC) in Georgia.

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Story courtesy of the Pregnancy Aid Clinic, originally published in the Spring 2023 newsletter.