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As of August 1, 2020


Betty Jo Abraham
Tom and Jean Adair
Pat and Colleen Adams
Roscoe Adams and Sherry Maloney✝
Tom and Ginny Albers
John and Carol Almeter
Jim✝ and Jo Appleby
Mary Apps
Salvador and Mary Ann Arias
Paul and Renee Armstrong
Stephen and Susan Arnold
Jim and Chris Arnold
Barbara A. Arthur and Paul Timmerman
Lynn Astumian, in memory of B. G. Raymond and Louise Astumian
R. D. Astumian Ph. D., in memory of B. G. Raymond and Louise Astumian
George Aulbach✝
Gertrude Aulback✝
Oracio Ayala
Jack and Isabel Baker
Gregory and Juanita Baranco
George Barclay✝
Ken and Lori Barnett
Diane Barnsley, in memory of Edward Barnsley
Richard and Pat Bauer
Andrew and Kelley Beal
Diane G. Beal
Annie Bellman✝
Russell✝ and Katharine✝ Bellman
The Reverend Joseph Beltran✝
Woodrow Bergeron and Dr. Cheryl McRae-Bergeron
Mrs. J. Norman Berry
John and Judy Bjerke
Reverend Mr. and Mrs. William Bohn
Alphee and Denise Bouffard
Frank Bourbeau✝
Elizabeth Boyce
Chad and Meghan Boyle
Tom and Corinne Boyle
Peter Bregman and Dr. Cecile Bregman
John✝ and Melanie Brent
John and Elizabeth Bresnahan
Robert G. Briggs
Catherine Jentzen Brisbane✝
Julie Briski
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bruckert
Jeremy D. Buckbee
Leroy J. Buechele
Cuong Bui and Truc Mai
James G. Calipari✝
Robert L.✝ and Mary Byrne✝ Callahan
Timothy J. Cambias Sr.✝
Jane Cambias✝
Barbara Camp
Ms. Rose Campbell
Carver✝ and Katherine ✝ Carley
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Carr
The Reverend Monsignor Joseph G. Cassidy✝
Harry Catchpole✝
Linda Williams Cattanach✝
The Williams Family
Michael and Monica Chambers
Virginia Chandler, in memory of Bill Chandler
Darrel and Cindy Chaney
Charles Loridans Foundation Inc.
James W. Childs Sr.
Natalie S. Childs
Laura Choquette✝
Jeannine Christensen✝
Mark Christianson
Mark and Elen Christopher
Erin Post-Christopher
The Reverend Monsignor Stephen T. Churchwell, J.C.D.✝
The Reverend Monsignor Francis A. Clancy✝
Julia Clark
Mary Eileen Coalson
Angela and John Coffey
Mary Coffey
Rose and Travis Collins
Paul William Connelly✝
James✝ and Virginia✝ Conrads
Linda Conrads
Ms. Rose Conti✝
James and Maria Cormier
William and Gloria Cortez
Jim and Krista Cosgrove
Mike and Kathy Cote
Frank and Marianne Craft
John A. Crawford
Katherine B. Crawford
William✝ and Joan✝ Creamer
Dennis✝ and Marie Crean
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Cromack
Dale and Wanda Cronauer
David and Mary Dahm
Richard and Katherine D’Amaro
William and Helga✝ Daniels
General James J. David
Michael and Mary Davis
Gerald F. Davy
William and Elizabeth deGolian
Jonathan and Anne deGolian
Roch deGolian
Felix and Mallory deGolian
Edel M. Deleon
David and Kay Dempsey
Susan T. DePasquale
Mike Derum
Lorraine Deyo✝
Jerome B. Dietzler✝
Arnold and Mary Dill
The Reverend Alan M. Dillmann✝
The Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Dillon J.C.D.
Anthony and Susan DiRoma
Nick and Michelle Djuric
The D’Onofrio Family
Keith and Carolyn Donnelly
Barbara D’Orio
Thomas and Maureen Dotson
The Reverend John C. Druding✝
Mary Ann Duke✝
The Reverend Denis F. Dullea✝
Tim and Judith Dunn
Robert and Theresa Dussich
Pat and Jimmy Eddlemon
Irene Edgar✝
Nan Ellington
William Leidle✝ and Mildred Elliott
Joseph and Dee✝ Escher
Elizabeth Etoll
Reverend Mr. Joseph Eustace
Peter Faletti and Maureen Harty
Michael and Sheila Fenlon
Chester Filipek
Durward✝ and Mary Fornara✝ Fincher
David and Stacey Fitzgerald
Catherine Fitzgerald✝
Martin and Jennifer Flanagan
Kenneth and Roxanna Flick
Louise Florencourt
Barbara Fox✝
Haroldina Lee Franch✝
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Franco
Elaine Fuerst
Anita Gaines
Scott and Mary Ellen Garrett
Rev. Mr. William and Susan Garrett
William and Diana Gaskins
Margaret Genova
Alfred and Karen Gentle
John and Martha Gillin
Alejandro J. Glomba
Herbert and Barbara✝ Goeden
George and Nelly Goethals
Roberto✝ and Olga✝ Goizueta
David Gojdics✝
Christopher and Mary Good
The Reverend Gregory D. Goolsby
Charles and Paula Gorgoglione
Juliet and Matt Greco
The Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, S.L.D.
Walton Griffin
Ed and Pam Griffiths
Michael and Joanie Gross
Leonard Guerra✝
Nick Guillaume
Elias and Diane Haddadin
Cornel, Liliana✝ and Alex Hagiopol
Edwin and Marguerite Hallman
Robert and Lucy Hammond
Tim and Diane Hanley
Brian and Cindy Hannafey
Diane and Hamilton Hardin
Anne Harding
Cheryl A. Hardt
Carol Harper
Raymond and Linda Hart
Frank✝ and Margaret Mary✝ Hartman
Margaret Harvey
Alicia Adan Harwell
Jake and Linda Hegarty
Helen Heil✝
Charles and Kimberly Heiser
Susan Herdman
Harold✝ and Patricia✝ Herman
Brian and Linda Hernan
Julio and Janet Hernandez
Robert and Joy Hernandez
Brent and Erika Herrin
Andrew F. Herwig✝
Jeffrey and Anna Hill
The Reverend Eric Hill
Russell and Nancy Hoffman
Mark and Samantha Holowka
Fritz and Mary Jo Holzgrefe
Mark and Brenda Homrich
Catherine Edwards Hopkins✝
Terriann Howle
Mary Ellen Howley
Michael and Christine Hungeling
Evelina Hunter
Thomas B. Illingworth✝
Tomio and Colette Inomata
Leonard and Maria Insalaca
Elizabeth Hopkins Irby✝
Lynnda Jabaley
Richard Delyn Jackson and Family
Patricia A. Jamski
Philip and Angela Jardina
Javier and Catherine Jimenez
Frederick✝ and Barbara Johansen
Charles G. Johnson✝
Lyle and Laurie Johnson
James T. Johnston✝
Charles B. Jones Jr.
Elie and Henrietta Jones
Patrick and Heather Jones
Daniel and Mary Jones
Deacon Mike Jones and Ruth Jones✝
Patricia Jones
The Reverend Monsignor Albert W. Jowdy
Mary Humann Judson
Frances M. Kenny✝
Donald✝ and Mickie✝ Keough
Michael and Jinny Keough
The Reverend John C. Kieran
The Reverend Richard A. Kieran✝
The Reverend Monsignor James E. King✝
Douglas and Cynthia Kirk
Rita Kitts✝
Diane Kohl
Peter and Vivian De Kok
Steven and Jeanne Kosmala
Nancy Koughan and Bill Sandidge
Jennifer A. Kramer
Paul and Melinda✝ Krarup
Alice Kuhn✝
Ruth M. LaBoon✝
Rev. Mr. Edmund and Sandra✝ LaHouse
Jeff and Molly Lane
Steven and Marta Lane
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lanier Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis
Jeffrey and Denise Lewis
Kristen Lewis
Fernando and Jeannine Lima
Matthew and Melanie Lipscomb
Rev. Brian Lorei
Vivian Adán Lowe
John and Becky Luckett
Kathie and Wayne Lunsford
Mary Maher
Dr. Rita Mantel
Benjamin✝ and Charmaine Marcelo
Brian J. Martin
Jan Martin✝
Mary Jeanette Martin
Silvio✝ and Margaret✝ Mascotti
Delores Matthews
Mary McAdam✝
Nellie Dodd McAdam✝
Christopher and Donna McCall
David and Celia McCarty
Carl and Fran McColman
Joanna McConnell
Joseph and Mary Alyce McCullough
The Reverend Monsignor John F. McDonough✝
P. J. and Stephanie McElhone
The Reverend Michael McKeever✝
William and Mary McKenzie
Jay McLendon and Dorothy Mears
Louise McNamara
Anne Atkins Meador✝
Roger and Sheila Meyer
Eileen and Christopher Millard
Jane Miller
Sally Miller✝
Stephanie and Stephen Miller
John and LuAnn Miltenis
John J. Mion, Sr.✝
Joseph R. Mitchell✝
Jerry and Janice Mock
Pauline Mollands✝
Nell Moltz✝
John and Susan Monroe
Hannah Sheehan Moody✝
Ms. Mary H. Moore
Ottis Moore
Craig and Laura Mullins
Michael and Mary✝ Murray
William and Theresa Myers
Timothy and Camille Naughton
Alan and Butchie Neely
Delores H. Neitzel✝
Neil and Gloria Nelson
Katherine K. Nelson
Thao and Long Nguyen
Lawrence and Idalisa Nicastro
Tony and Norma Nicholson
Walter and Jane Nied
Nancy O’Gara Nievera
Cynthia Nofi
Tom and Joanne✝ Novack
The Reverend Monsignor Daniel J. O’Connor✝
Francis✝ and Eleanor✝ O’Connor
Tamara Ogden
Edward O’Hare✝
Major General William and Carol O’Leksy
Chuck Oliver
Clara M. and John S. O’Shea
Thomas and Maureen O’Shea
Mary Ann Ollinger
Elizabeth Orr
Stephen and Susan Owings
Nina M. Pasko✝
Matt Patella✝
Michael and Claudia Penney
Chuck and Mary Perott
Mrs. Carey Perriello
Nancy Peterman and Dr. Michael F. Pratt
Wimberly and Lucille Kuhrt Peters Trust
Michael and Susan Petrik
Luke Phan
Billie Lee Philips✝
Susan and Gus Pina
Timothy and Melissa Porter
Erin Post-Christopher
Tillie Prather✝
Michael Pratt
David and Gabriel Pursell
Kieran and Donna Quinn
Stephen and Carol Raeber
Chris and Karen Ratcliffe
The Reverend Monsignor Peter J. Rau
Edna Mae Raupp✝
Tom and Jean Rearick
Judith Leone Reed✝
John Reeve
Mrs. Patricia Reiley
John F. Revell✝
Christopher and Susan Reynolds
Maureen Rhodes
William✝ and Carol Rich
Diana B. Riddick
Susan Rinaldi✝
Paul and Jane Roberts
Wayne Robinson
Francis and Janet Rocco
Patricia and Moreton Rolleston
John Ronco
Dan and Amanda Rose
Royke and Meidy Halim-Rotinsulu
JoAnne Loftus Rozelle Houston Rozelle
John and Jan Ruane
Joan Rubesch
Jim and Mary Rubright
Chip and Shayla Rumely
Mr.✝ and Mrs. James Rutherford
Mark and Sandy Ryan
Victor and Maria Sanchez
Eugene Satsky✝
John Satsky✝
Virginia Sawicki✝
Jack and Judy Scalley
Carol Schaefer
Carolyn Connolly Schaffer
Chris and Linda Scharnhorst
Gary and Janet Schonleber
Jane C. Schweers✝
Phil and Jenn Sedlack
Virginia Seery✝
Maria Sexton✝
Charlotte Shacklock
John W. Shadix✝
Marian Hegenberger Sharp✝
Steve and Lisa Sherrill
Ralph Sikes
Steven and Julie Siler
Quentin and Arlene Skinner
Julia Skrynecki✝
Alex✝ and Betty✝ Smith
H. Hamilton Smith
Mary P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bridges Smith
Kay Smith
John and Lorraine Snowman
Mimi Soileau
J.J. Spalding✝
Charles✝ and Cathi Spornick
Alice Stallings
Dr. Melody Stancil
Dawn M. Stark
Dana Steiner
Tom and Pat Stockmeyer
Carter and Marycarol Stout
Michael and Gladys Stubbs
Austin Sullivan
Reverend Mr. Lloyd Sutter and Jill Sutter
Tony and Mary Anne Sutter
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Switzer
Bernadette and Nguyen Vinh [Jean-Marie]✝ Tan
Mr. and Mrs. William Tabak
Helen Tarleton
Stephen Teemer✝
Delores Tholl✝
David Thranhardt✝
Josh and Lauren Tolley
Peter Thomasson
David Thranhardt✝
Paul and Julie Tooher
Rev. Mr. Kevin and Sandra Tracy
Michael and Shirley Trapp
Charles P. Trowbridge✝
Sylvia Urich
Christopher and Elanna Valley
Joanette Vargas
Claude✝ and Barbara Vlasz
Genevieve A. Vollmer✝
Catherine Dowling von Dullen
Richard J. Wagner
David P. Wallace✝
Michael and Jane Walsh
Robert✝ and Rheda✝ Wanstreet
Brenda Weir
Stephen and Pam Weitzel
Ramona and Lynden Wenger
Joseph G. and Janice R. Wernert
Thomas and Linda Wessels
Marlene Westrom
Lloyd and Mary Ann Whitaker
Conrads Family Foundation Fund
The Williams Family
Wimberly and Lucille Kuhrt Peters Trust
The Reverend Richard P. Wise
David and Margaret Withers
Ms. Barbara Woodhouse
Ronald and Frances Wygladalski
Leo and Judith Yager
Mark and Marisa Yanta
Dr. Vernon and Marilyn✝ Zander
Martha and Robert Zimmer
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Znosko