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A donor advised fund is a flexible option for donors who have a passion for giving to the Catholic organizations they care about. The fund is created with a gift to the Catholic Foundation, but you may advise and recommend what grants are to be made for charitable purposes, according to what matters to you most.

You are encouraged to recommend the majority of the grants to Catholic organizations within the archdiocese as grant recipients, but you may also include universities and 501(c)3 public charities. All donor advised fund grants must be in accordance with Catholic teaching. The staff at the Catholic Foundation is aware of the needs of the Catholic community and can assist you in discovering opportunities to make an impact with your giving.

How can you create a donor advised fund at the Catholic Foundation?

  • You can create a new fund with gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate and other
  • You can move a current donor advised fund from elsewhere to the Catholic Foundation.
  • You can close a private foundation and move it to a donor advised fund at the Catholic

What are the benefits of creating a new Donor Advised Fund with the Catholic Foundation?

  • Sustains charitable giving over time, through retirement and beyond
  • Creates a lasting Catholic legacy in your family when you later endow your fund
  • Flexible and easy to establish
  • Provides immediate tax deduction in the year your gift is made
  • Reduces capital gains when you donate appreciated assets
  • Invested professionally, in agreement with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines
  • Grows tax-free for future grants, which are made in accordance with Catholic teaching
  • Provides a low-cost alternative to a private foundation
  • Administrative work handled by the Catholic Foundation
  • Ease of tracking all of your giving in one place



What is the minimum amount required to create a donor advised fund?

Why choose a new donor advised fund versus a private foundation?

 New Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with CFNGA Private Foundation
 Cost Costs less in start-up and administrative fees. Requires fees to lawyers, accountants and other administrative staff.
 Administrative Requirements
  •  Saves time by managing investing, accounting and reporting.
  • Ensures your gift complies with federal tax laws.
  •  Requires owner to establish a 501(c)3 and to file a 990 annually with the IRS for charitable status.
  • Requires owner to comply with federal and state laws.
 Tax Benefits
  • Qualifies for a full fair market value charitable deduction for most gifts of long-term capital gain.
  • DAFs are not taxed.
  • Limits tax benefit to donor cost basis.
  • Subjects fund to federal taxes.
  • Provides flexibility – no legal requirement of annual payout.
  • Provides ability to advise grants at your own pace.
 Requires a 5% payout.
 Privacy Provides ability to gift publicly or anonymously. Requires public gifts only.

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