Helping Catholics Make

a Lasting Difference.

Mai-Doan Charitable Endowment Fund

More than 40 years ago, two amazing people got together to raise a beautiful family. From humble beginnings, they worked hard to provide for their extended families only to see their savings  and livelihood wiped out from a tyrannical and corrupt government. Risking their lives, they escaped with their two oldest children, babies at the time, to become refugees in foreign lands and eventually reside in the land of opportunity.
Our parents raised us to be good Catholics and encouraged a strong education and work ethic to pull ourselves out of poverty and one day help others in need.  Charity was instilled in our hearts at a young age, grateful we survived a journey that most did not, and we stayed intact as a strong family over the years.
Sadly on March 16, 2020, our beautiful mother with that gorgeous smile, matron of the Mai-Doan family, suffered from a critical brain hemorrhage that left her in a coma with a very low chance of waking up or recovery. We know there is so much more our mom wanted to do for the community, and we will continue to carry out her charitable wishes through this fund, donating to causes she strongly believed in and supporting those in need. Mom was called home to God on November 21, 2020, on the Memorial of the Presentation of Mary. May she rest in peace and her spirit of charity continues to live in others.