Following in a Saint’s Footsteps


Father Stanley Rother Endowment Fund


In 2000, Diane moved to Atlanta to join her husband Hamilton, a Methodist. After they adopted two children, they realized that God too was an integral part of their family. When they began discussing their estate plan and their children’s future, the Hardins knew they wanted to support both their children as well as make an eternal gift in thanksgiving to God. She said, “We realized how critical it is for parents to establish family traditions toward sharing God’s blessings.” They chose to divide their estate into three parts – one part for each child, and one part split between each of their faith traditions. “As we all know, we can’t take it with us. We decided the next best alternative was to leave a portion of what God has given us in an endowment that will continue to help here on earth in perpetuity.”


Diane and Hamilton reflected on Jesus’ life, and knew that Jesus was especially present to those who were struggling. To support the work of Catholic Charities, the Hardins started an endowment at the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia, which they intend to grow through future gifts and a bequest in their will. They chose Catholic Charities as the endowment’s beneficiary because of the work it does with Hispanics, immigrants and refugees. “It reflected Father Stan’s legacy the best.”


Walking behind Fr. Stan as a child – literally in his footsteps – has become a metaphor for Diane’s life. “My parents taught me to give back to God what He gave to me,” Diane said. “If all of us would pick just one passion for Christ, and give our time, talent and treasure to that passion, this world would be such a better place.” She feels all of us should find a saint within our faith and follow in their footsteps with our hearts and actions. Diane feels blessed to have as her role model, her cousin, Fr. Stanley Rother.


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