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Endowment Sunday is a chance to educate your parishioners about the importance of securing the financial well-being of the parish both now and forever. It may include a second collection or your parish may focus solely on educating your church community about the endowment fund.


When is Endowment Sunday?

Archbishop Hartmayer has approved the third Sunday in May, the 21st, as Endowment Sunday in 2023.


How does my parish participate?

Let us know you’re participating by filling out this 4-question registration form. Registering and promoting your parish endowment fund enters your parish into a drawing for $500 to your endowment fund!


We have many resources for you, including toolkits, sample Prayers of the Faithful, and more.




Endowment Sunday Toolkits

The tool kit includes:

  • sample communications timeline
  • short articles to include in your enewsletters or bulletins
  • script for a brief talk at Mass
  • graphics
  • and more

The entire toolkit is also available in Spanish.


Digital versions:

Endowment Sunday Toolkit for Parishes – English

Domingo del Fondo Patrimonial Herramientas Para Parroquias
(Endowment Sunday Toolkit for Parishes – Spanish)


Other Resources

Prayers of the Faithful for Endowment Sunday

Training webinar recording

Script for speaking at Mass (Word doc for easy customization)

Suggested wording for parish direct link to endowment giving

What is an Endowment Fund? video on Vimeo




Week of
Parish To Dos
– Run article (Basics of an Endowment Fund) in bulletin or enews- Ensure your parish direct endowment link is on your website
– Add planned giving graphics to parish website
– Arrange for speakers at the Masses on 5/20 and 5/21 (script provided)
– Run second article (An Endowment Fund Helps Our Parish In Future Generations) in bulletin or enews
– Run third article (An Endowment Fund Helps Our Parish Now) in bulletin or enews
– Run fourth article (Next week is Endowment Sunday!) in bulletin or enews
– Post social media announcement
– Optional: send announcement in parish app
– Optional: reminder announcement at daily Masses
– Have speakers at each Mass (use script)- Include article (Support Our Parish Endowment Fund!) in bulletin or enews
– Optional: second collection
– If you had a collection, announce total received in gifts at Masses the next weekend
– Continue to promote endowment fund with reminders in bulletin and enews during the year








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