Passion for Reading

Vivian Adán Eager Reader Scholarship Fund 


The school library has always been a special place for young readers. This is where the grade school librarian held the keys to a magical kingdom of knowledge and exploration beyond what parents, teachers, or TV could show. For many children, reading is a very intimate and special adventure, often encouraged by their first librarians.  

Vivian Adán was a clear example of the love of reading that a librarian can open the doors to. From 1979 to 1997, she served as the beloved librarian at Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHM School) and strongly promoted the school’s reading program. Vivian, a voracious reader herself, encouraged children to read on a daily basis and former students remember how she inspired them to learn through reading. 

When their mother passed away, Vivian’s daughters, Alicia Adán Harwell and Vivian Adán Lowe, knew they wanted to do something to honor her. They realized that the best way to do so was through the school where Vivian gave so much of her time and love. Jennifer Sedlack, then Director of Development at IHM School, connected Alicia and Vivian with the Catholic Foundation. 

Nancy Coveny and staff worked with the sisters, now young mothers themselves, to create a scholarship fund to benefit students at IHM School that would honor their mother. Alicia and Vivian made the initial gifts to the fund and spread the word among their family and friends. The endowment fund has now reached over $25,000 and provides scholarships to students who show a love and passion for reading. 

Vivian’s daughters hope that former students, faculty, and friends of IHM School will honor her memory and help the scholarship fund soon reach the minimum value for distribution with additional contributions. Vivian’s daughters could not be happier to see the fund grow. “We’re just so excited and honored to see that people remember our mother and want to give to the school. We hope in the future a lot of students that share her passion for reading will be helped through this scholarship,” Alicia, Vivian’s younger daughter said.  

Vivian Adán’s passion for reading and for inspiring the children of IHM School will live on through “The Vivian Adán Eager Reader Scholarship Fund,” and will continue to celebrate and reward students who show a passion for reading.  

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