Continued Education for Hispanic Students 

Pope Francis Hispanic Scholarship Fund


The Pope Francis Hispanic Scholarship Fund was created by Victor Sanchez.  Victor was born and raised in Puerto Rico. In 1999, he and his wife Maria Ivonne relocated to Atlanta where they became parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta.  He and his wife come from a “family of servers,” and they have always enjoyed helping and serving others.  “Giving help doesn’t hurt,” Victor said. “All the opposite, it makes the world better.”  


 Victor’s service-oriented life led him to create the Pope Francis Hispanic Scholarship fund in 2015 with the Catholic Foundation. The goal of this fund is to help less fortunate Hispanic students continue their education beyond high school.  “Many leave or graduate high school and go to work because they do not think they can afford college” Victor said.  “If we can help even one student, he or she will be instrumental to motivate others to do the same.  They eventually will land better jobs and (create) a better future for their families.” 


Victor has high hopes that this fund will help a large number of Hispanic students, and that in turn the students will help and support others in the same circumstances. “We just need to let them believe they can do it,” Victor said. 


Victor’s giving has been inspired by a simple yet profound thought – that God sent his only Son to save the world and make it better. While Victor and Maria continue to give annually to grow the Pope Francis Hispanic Scholarship Fund, they need the help of others to get it large enough to provide scholarships. Please consider making a gift now. 


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