Preserving a Catholic Legacy

Francis M. and Margaret Mary Hartman Endowment Fund


Francis (Frank) Michael Hartman loved God, he loved Margaret Mary, his wife, and he loved his church. And now, his loving generosity will bless future generations. During his time as a CPA at Crane Co., the pastors and finance councils at St. Thomas the Aquinas Catholic Church benefited from Frank’s counsel. His work in the name of Christ manifested itself in numerous ways during his 35 years as a parishioner: as a capital campaign donor, long-time chair of the parish finance committee, an art collector who donated statues of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Pius X in the narthex, and an active leader of the Knights of Columbus in the parish.  


Before his death in 2013, Frank preserved a Catholic legacy that will stand even longer than the statues he donated. A planned gift provided that the bulk of his estate would go to the Catholic Foundation to establish the Francis M. and Margaret Mary Hartman Endowment Fund for the benefit of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in memory of his late wife. Now St. Thomas Aquinas receives a grant distribution every year from Frank’s fund that they are able to use to support a position of senior minister Please join us in preserving Frank’s generous legacy by donating to the Francis M. and Margaret Mary Hartman Endowment Fund or if you would like to learn more how to create your own legacy gift, please contact us at 404-497-9440. 


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