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Giving Services for Donors

The vision of the Catholic Foundation is to ensure that the Catholic community and its ministries have the financial resources to serve and make a difference in the lives of future generations.

As Catholics, we believe in the importance of stewardship of our God-given gifts. We often seek ways to give back to the Lord in thanksgiving for the blessings He has provided to us.The Catholic Foundation helps individuals and families pass along their Catholic heritage and values to make a difference in the Church now and in future generations.

    • When you make a gift now, you keep our Catholic community vibrant and thriving.
    • When you make a planned gift, you help parishes, Catholic schools and non-profits far into the future.
  • You can also do both – make a gift now, and strengthen it with a gift in your will or estate plan.

The Catholic Foundation provides free, professional assistance to help you and your family create your giving plan. We have a dedicated staff to guide you (and your advisors) every step of the way. Whether you are a first-time donor or a seasoned philanthropist, we will assist you in making gifts that reflect your wishes. Please contact us to discuss any of our free services.

We can help you create a Catholic legacy for the causes you care most about – and make a real difference in others’ lives.


Giving Services

for Donors

Clyde Marable McCarty
“I set this fund up in my mother’s memory. She always pulled for the underdog, and she always helped the needy. If this fund helps in any way, I’m sure she would be happy.” – David, her son.

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Francis Michael Hartman
“Mr. Hartman preserved a Catholic legacy that will stand even longer than the statues that represent his passion for his faith and for art.”

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The Herrin Family
“There are a lot of families who can’t afford to send their children to school. So why not take the money that we would otherwise have been spending on his education and put it in an endowment fund.” – Brent Herrin

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Michael and Mary Murray
“Mary and I have always felt strongly about providing a living legacy as a return on the wonderful gift God has given us through a happy and rewarding life together.” – Michael Murray

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Paul and Renee Armstrong and the Robert Price “Never Give Up” Scholarship Fund
“We want more students and their families to experience the mission of the St. Joseph Catholic School Community:  educating the mind, while expanding the heart.”– Paul Armstong

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Pope Francis Hispanic Scholarship Fund
“Giving help doesn’t hurt. All the opposite, it makes the world a better one.” – Victor Sanchez.

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St. Pius X Catholic High School – Class of 1968
“It’s a ripple effect, indeed, and we are so appreciative that benefactors understand the need for continuing education as a way to help our students and institution overall.” – Rachel Braham

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Vivian Adán
“We’re just so excited and honored to see that people remember our mother and want to give to the school. We hope in the future a lot of students that share her same passion fore reading will be helped through this scholarship.” – Alicia, her daughter

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