Covenant House of Georgia Endowment Fund


In fall of 2013, Fred and Jeannine Lima were surprised – but pleased – to receive an invitation to attend Mass and a luncheon for members of the Deo Gratias Society. When the day arrived, they thoroughly enjoyed the event and had their picture taken with Archbishop Gregory. There was just one small glitch. The Limas weren’t Deo Gratias members at all and no one knew why they had received an invitation.


Jeannine Lima has since figured it out: God invited us – we were supposed to be there.


A few weeks after the event, Jeannine called the Catholic Foundation and spoke to Diane Duquette, Director of Gift Planning. Mrs. Lima wanted to know how to become a Deo Gratias member. Diane immediately made an appointment to go visit the Limas to discuss their options. During that visit, Ms. Duquette explained: “To become a member, you must establish a bequest or other estate gift to the Catholic Foundation, any of its funds, a parish, a Catholic school, or the Archdiocese. The Society also includes donors who have given $5,000 or more to an existing or newly created fund.” This was great news. Jeannine had been donating monthly to an organization that helps homeless and runaway teens. Since its inception, tens of thousands of runaways across the country have been helped to start life anew. Here in Georgia, a new, larger facility has recently opened.


Mr. and Mrs. Lima told Diane they wished to create an endowment fund for Covenant House Georgia. Jeannine wrote the check to the Foundation that very day. Fred and Jeannine also asked their friends and family to make donations to the fund in lieu of giving them gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Covenant House couldn’t be more thrilled. For organizations such as theirs, money is always tight, but with Fred and Jeannine Lima’s endowment – the Atlanta chapter’s first – many troubled teens in this area will benefit for years to come.


What seemed to be just a small mailing glitch, helped to draw willing donors and two organizations together to create a new endowment fund and two new Deo Gratias members.


Maybe God did invite them.


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