Endowing Catholic Education

Conrads Family Education Fund


In 2010 with a $7 million gift, the charitable remainder trust of James and Virginia Conrads established the Conrads Family Education Fund and became the largest single gift in the history of the Catholic Foundation.


Nancy Coveny, President of the Catholic Foundation, said the gift is part of the Conrads’ lifelong dedication to their faith and to charitable giving. “The Conrads gave to most of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese during their lifetime, and this gift from their charitable remainder trust will ensure that these schools will be supported in perpetuity.”


All archdiocesan and private Catholic schools in North Georgia will receive distributions from the fund. The Conrads Family Education Fund will be managed through the Catholic Foundation’s grants process and grants will be approved by the Grants Committee.


Karen Wibell, the oldest of the Conrads children, said her parents worked hard to provide a Catholic school education for their children. “Perhaps this choice reflected a belief that attending Catholic schools would deepen our faith, instill shared values, and provide a quality education,” shared Karen. “Our parents believed that the more you give, the more you receive. In addition to Catholic schools, they supported Catholic churches and organizations, as well as many community and civic nonprofits.”

Jinny and James Conrads are members of The Founders Society, and worked to establish The Catholic Foundation in the 1990s. Jinny Conrads died in 2009, and her husband, Jim, died a year later in May 2010. Their children are determined to continue their parents’ great tradition of philanthropy.


Thanks to their generous gift, children of many other families in the Archdiocese of Atlanta will be receiving faith-based education for generations.


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