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What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund helps ensure the future of the an organization and sustain its mission now and forever. A gift to an endowment fund is never spent. Instead, the gifts are protected by law, professionally invested, and grow over time. As the value of the endowment fund grows, your Catholic Center receives an annual distribution grant that comes from the earnings of the fund. The distribution grant can be used in many ways to support the needs of your campus community. 


How does an endowment fund benefit your Catholic Center?

While the offertory aids in meeting immediate needs, an endowment fund ensures the long-term viability of Catholic Centers to fulfill their missions now and in the future. An endowment fund helps to financially maintain the efforts of the parish, providing a sustainable method of support. Endowment funds are permanent: intended to last forever. Gifts to the fund are invested in line with Catholic teaching, and due to investment and market growth over time, they produce interest and dividends. 


The more an endowment fund receives, the more it grows, and the larger the grant distribution that can be utilized each year, which helps sustain the resources, activities, and projects so that college students can continue to reap a fulfilling experience at the Catholic Center now and forever.


When should a Catholic Center promote its endowment fund?

While the archdiocesan wide Endowment Sunday weekend is the third weekend of May, that is after many colleges finish their spring semester and campus may be less populated than usual. We recommend selecting a weekend when campus is busy, perhaps a parents’ weekend, or near graduation, when you can encourage endowment giving as a way for graduating students to support the Catholic Center so it will be there for future students. You can also do small things to promote your endowment fund as giving option throughout the year.


What resources are available to promote the endowment fund?

The Catholic Foundation is here to help you. We have many resources for you, including a toolkit, customized brochure, social media posts, email templates, and more.


Catholic Center Endowment Toolkit

The toolkit includes:

  • Explanation of endowment funds
  • Overview of customized resources
  • Script for a brief talk at Mass
  • Graphics
  • And more


Digital Assets
  • E-newsletter templates
  • Social media graphics and captions
  • Annual report verbiage
  • Bulletin notes
  • #iGiveCatholic emails
  • Customized pamphlets and pew cards


Webinar Recording

Available on Vimeo


Other Resources




Please contact the Catholic Foundation at 404.497.9440. We are happy to help you promote your endowment fund and answer any questions you or your community members may have.