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Paying Tribute to a Servant Leader

Andy Smith Cathedral Liturgical Fund  


Andy Smith was a long-time lector and sacristan at the Cathedral of Christ the King. When Andy passed away unexpectedly on Easter Sunday in 2022, an anonymous donor wanted to pay tribute to Andy’s years of service to the parish community.


The donor chose to work with the Catholic Foundation and established the Andy Smith Cathedral Liturgical Fund which will be used to support the liturgical needs of the parish, including the purchase and maintenance of liturgical vestments, cloths, books and vessels, candles, incense, processional crosses, and more.


By creating an endowment that will last forever, Andy’s service to his parish will be remembered for generations as they are able to purchase liturgical items. “Andy loved the Mass. He was dedicated to beautiful liturgy that honored our Lord and inspired reverence in those attending,” shared Monsignor Frank McNamee, Pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the King. “I’m so grateful that his legacy of faithful service to the Cathedral will continue on through this fund.”


At the Catholic Foundation, any gift can be made with a tribute or a fund can be created in tribute of someone, including parents, spouses, and children. If you are interested in creating an endowment fund to perpetually support organizations you care most about in honor or in memory of someone, please contact us. We will work with you to create a Catholic legacy.


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A Gift in Thanksgiving to a School Community

Creating an insurance policy to benefit an endowment fund


Samantha Holowka and her husband, Mark, have two young children who attend Queen of Angels Catholic School. Samantha said she and Mark have learned so much through the school community about communicating effectively and lovingly when teaching their children to do their best in everything they do. She added that the school has strengthened the spirituality of both the children and her entire family.


The Holowkas knew they wanted to use their talents, time, and treasure to help secure the future of their school community so others could continue to benefit from the loving environment that has had such an impact on them. As they looked at different channels of giving, they decided to establish a life insurance policy for the Queen of Angels endowment fund that would allow them to have a greater effect than direct cash donations given each year.


Samantha, a wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual, had seen firsthand the impact a life insurance policy can make on families and organizations when incorporated in a family’s strategic plan. She shared, “[an insurance policy] is a tool that can have a greater impact than other gifts because the cost is pennies compared to the dollar value of the gift.”


Her company has a matching dollar policy for life insurance premiums, which she leveraged. She also receives a tax deduction on the amount of the premiums each year.


Samantha stressed that you do not have to have a deep knowledge of finance to establish an insurance policy that benefits a charity or endowment fund. She did suggest talking with a financial advisor who is well versed in permanent life insurance solutions, retirement, and estate “distribution” planning to help you achieve your giving goals.


The Holowkas’ gift to the Queen of Angels Catholic School Endowment Fund will help the school continue to teach children and families positive and loving Catholic values for years to come.


Article written in 2020.

Brother Priests Create a Lasting Legacy

Father John C. Kieran and Father Richard A. Kieran Endowment Fund


It’s no secret that our priests give freely of their time and talent. But did you know that we have priests who also give generously of their treasure? In 2016, Irish-born priests, Father John Kieran and his brother, (the late) Father Richard Kieran created the Father John C. Kieran and Father Richard A. Kieran Endowment Fund. The fund will benefit the Catholic Foundation, and in turn, our local Catholic community. Fr. John said his brother wanted their gifts to help the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia “with no strings attached.” He also said that he knew their gifts would be invested well by trustworthy, knowledgeable people in order to best support the mission and operations of the foundation. 


This wasn’t Fr. John’s first collaboration with the Catholic Foundation. As pastor of St. Pius X parish in Conyers, Fr. John became one of the first pastors to establish a parish endowment fund with the Catholic Foundation. Once he learned about the Catholic Foundation, Fr. John immediately saw the value of the Foundation’s work in supporting the long-term financial needs of parishes.  


Years after Fr. John helped start the endowment fund at St. Pius, the two brothers were looking for a way to benefit the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. They decided to turn back to the foundation they knew well to create a fund named for their family. “We had great parents, so I want the Kieran name to be remembered in gratitude for their hard work in parenting us.” A founding donation of $25,000 was provided by Fr. Richard to create the Father John C. Kieran and Father Richard A. Kieran Endowment Fund. Fr. John’s gift to the endowment will be realized after he passes. Proceeds from the sale of his condominium will be invested in the fund, per the bequest in Fr. John’s will. Fr. Richard Kieran died in November 2016, but his legacy lives on in the fund that the brothers created. Fr. John’s hope for the future of the endowment is that “it continues to grow and realistically helps parishes.”  


If you would like to honor Father John C. Kieran or remember Father Richard A. Kieran with a gift to their fund, please donate below.  


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