Extending the Gift of Catholic Education

Father Paul Berny  


In 2023, Father Paul Berny, a retired longtime priest of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, created the Berny Family Scholarship Fund to support scholarships for students in need at St. Joseph Catholic School in Marietta.


Growing up, Fr. Berny spent two decades in Catholic education. The name of the fund honors his siblings and parents, especially the latter who made sacrifices so that their children could all attend Catholic school. He understands its formational and academic opportunities, and he wanted to help make possible the same valuable experience for St. Joseph students.


In his more than 50 years as a priest, he spent 10 of them at St. Joseph’s. “It was the only assignment I had where I was the pastor and the parish had a school,” he said.


With a gift now, he established the fund so it could begin accepting donations and accruing interest. Fr. Berny owns three rental homes in Fayetteville, and upon his passing, the sale of the properties, in addition to his bank accounts, will go to the fund to provide distributions for scholarships.


Fr. Berny is well acquainted with the Catholic Foundation. “I had served on the Pastors Advisory Council in the past, early on when it started,” he said. He added that the Catholic Foundation “seemed to be the easiest” organization to partner with to execute his charitable giving.


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