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Partnering in Giving with You and Your Client

The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia can be an excellent resource for your clients’ current or planned giving needs.

Introduce your Catholic Client to Us as Another Trusted Partner

As a trusted advisor, you provide the best advice, service and products for your client.  The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia seeks to help Catholics create a lasting legacy through current and planned giving. As a community foundation for Catholics, our professional staff can help you and your client navigate the many needs in our archdiocese, and connect your client to the causes they most care about. Gifts to support parishes, schools and other ministries could be central to your client’s estate planning process. We can work together to create a plan that helps your client reach their financial and charitable goals.

Benefits to Your Client of Working with the Catholic Foundation

  • We are Catholic – we understand the stewardship and spirituality of the Catholic heritage.
  • Our independent Board of Directors oversees the investments in a diversified portfolio following the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.
  • Your clients can donate to Catholic causes they care about, such as an existing parish or Catholic school endowment fund. They also have the opportunity to create their own.
  • Your clients can be assured that their wishes to give in accordance with Catholic teachings will be upheld now and in the future.
  • We offer professional planned gift services with tax advantages, including endowment funds, donor advised funds, and others.
  • We can accept many types of assets from your client, including real property and insurance policies.
  • The Catholic Foundation is a public charity, with 501(c)(3) status.

Referral List

Would you like to be added to the Catholic Foundation’s professional advisors referral list? If you are an attorney, accountant, estate planner or financial planner, please sign up to be included on our referral list. Many individuals and families we serve often look to us for these professional resources, and we are happy to refer you.

Tax Benefits of Donating to the Catholic Foundation

When your Catholic client wants to leave a faith-based legacy, they may not know about the tax benefits associated with their charitable giving. We will collaborate with you to ensure that your client receives the possible tax benefits through their planned giving.

  • Gifts to the Catholic Foundation are eligible for a deduction of up to 60% of adjusted gross income for gifts of cash and 30% for gifts of appreciated stock, real estate and closely held stocks.
  • Gifts of appreciated assets held for more than a year generally are deductible at fair market value without payment of capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Resources for Advisors

We provide a number of helpful resources for our advisor partners to assist your client in navigating their charitable giving.




Giving Scenarios

Bequests Made Easy

Introduce Your Client to Our Giving Societies

Catholic Foundation Professional Advisors Network

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Advisor Toolkit

Advisor Reference GuideGiftLaw Pro E-newsletter for Advisors  – Sign up here to receive a key resource – a complete, free tax update service.
Tools for Charitable GivingGift Calculator – Run customized scenarios to identify which planned giving options work best for your client.
Investment Policy  – We invest for the future using a diversified portfolio that strives to follow the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines.Financial Statements
Bequest Language for Wills – Assist your clients in making one of the easiest planned gifts – naming a Catholic parish, school, ministry or non-profit as the beneficiary in their will.Donor Advised Funds with the Catholic Foundation vs. Private Foundations – Does your client understand the many advantages of creating a new donor advised fund versus a private foundation?
Catholic Foundation Overview in English and Spanish– Share this one-page overview of the Catholic Foundation with your Catholic clients to introduce us and our ability to partner with you.BriefThe Catholic Foundation Serves Professional Advisors – Overview on who we are, what value do we bring you, how we give you options, how we share our expertise and how we supply you with resources.

Tax Information

Legal Name: Catholic Foundation of North Georgia
5871 Glenridge Drive, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 497-9440
Employer Identification Number/EIN: 58-2008930

**The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia does not provide legal advice or services and requests that all potential donors seek the services of a professional advisor prior to making a gift.

Getting Started

“Every excellent gift and every perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17