Helping Catholics Make

a Lasting Difference.

Mission, Vision and Values

The Catholic Foundation is a trusted partner of the parishes, schools, ministries, and non-profits in The Archdiocese of Atlanta.  We also work closely with individual Catholics who wish to make a real difference in our Catholic community and leave a legacy to support the causes they care most about.  Although our services are professional in nature, we truly see our work as a ministry, and our service is inspired by our mission and vision.

Our Mission

The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia helps Catholics make a lasting difference in the community.  We attract, professionally manage and invest gifts to support the current and long-term financial needs of parishes, schools, charities, and other ministries.

Our Vision

Ensuring that the Catholic community and its ministries have the financial resources to serve and make a difference in the lives of current and future generations.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in the themes of Catholic teachings.  In our quest to be the most trusted Catholic foundation, we also strive for transparency and professionalism in all that we do.

The Catholic Foundation of North Georgia

  • Leads with faith
  • Builds collaborative and respectful relationships
  • Honors the intentions of donors
  • Engages the talent and passion of the clergy and laity
  • Serves the needs of the community
  • Manages resources prudently and efficiently

The board and staff of the Catholic Foundation work to provide excellent services to our Catholic community in an open and honest manner.  We welcome your calls, questions, and inquiries as we continually strive to support the Catholic ministries and parishioners in our community.